KNVB Mauritius

On Monday, 17 April 2017, the first KNVB World Coaches workshop kicked off in Mauritius at the Sepp Blatter House in Trianon. The workshop was conducted in conjunction with the MFA in an effort to help improve Mauritian football.
Course instructors Bert Zuurman and Johan Neeskens both have a vast knowledge and experience of football which they shared over 5 days with MPFL , National First Division and Mauritian national team coaches.

Coaches gained insight into the Dutch philosophy and style of football. Topics covered included planning, organization, principles of coaching, simplifying the game and transition.

Coaches had the opportunity to interact closely with Johan Neeskens and gain some insight on his previous coaching experiences which includes a spell with Barcelona and The Dutch national team.

The World Coaches Program not only helps develop football as a sport but also strengthens the local community: first by encouraging children and young adults to develop their talents and passions then improving future prospects.

The program has trained over 10 000 coaches worldwide which was conducted throughout Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa, India and Indonesia