Barclay’s Africa Legends Tour

Barclay’s Africa Legends Tour

March, 2016

Over the Past 3 Months Barclay’s with Forwardzone have embarked on a 5 country tour with Barclay’s.
Activating with Barclay’s markets in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and finishing the Campaign in Egypt. The Switch to better campaign encouraged New and Current Barclay’s members to change accounts, and receive the winning prize of a family kit out where a BPL Legend would visit the home of the winner. Barclay’s competitions winners received their team’s football kit from a football legends.

Legends on the campaign included:

Robbie Folwer (Liverpool Legend) in Botswana

Carlo Cudicini (Chelsea Legend) in Ghana

Robert Pirès (Arsenal Legend) in Kenya

Andy Cole (Manchester United Legend) in Zambia

forward (Manchester United Legend) in Egypt

Legends spent time with each of the families handing over prizes, posing for photos and signing autographs and shirts in the winner’s home

Runner up’s and other Competition winners won VIP tickets to a BPL Live viewing, which allowed for the winners to watch the Saturday BPL game live on a big screen with the legends. Legends interacted with Winners, during the viewing session and participated in a hosted Q&A to discuss match.

The Campaign was highly successful with a larger media exposure to both Barclay’s and the BPL


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