My Walk Made with Soul

As the sun rose on the dusty Katlehong township, the 1400 children of Chivirikani Primary School had an amazing day planned for them.

In a synergetic and evolving partnership with Adcock Ingram Critical Care and Netcare, these two sectors have come together with the aim of changing lives by recycling medical waste. When one hears medical waste, you would think of syringes and needles, however in this case, the medical waste here is intravenous infusion bags (drip bags).

Instead of being incinerated, an amazing initiative came about to make school shoes. It takes 20 drip bags to make one pair of school shoes, which in fact looks like a normal Toughee school shoe. This initiative aims at contributing to a cleaner environment while benefiting underprivileged children.

Forwardzone joined into this event to contribute in a mini interactive sports day for the children. We were privileged to have 10 amazing coaches who offered their time and skills to help and give back to the community.

From Grade 7 right down to the Grade 0, the children were beyond excited to interact with their fellow classmates and their respective coach at the relevant stations while wearing their new shoes.

It is events like these that bring different partnerships together with worthy results and success to a community.